Sushi Saturday

We’re on a roll…..


We’ve been on a huuuuuuge sushi kick lately. If we can’t decide where to go for dinner, sushi has become our default. We had a sitter last night, so the Pilot 和 I decided to hit up Ra, which is one of our favorite spots.




(it was 80 degrees = perfect margarita weather. 40 degrees also = perfect margarita weather)

和 ordered house salads, salmon nigiri, the spicy lobster roll (Lobster, cilantro, jalapeño, lettuce, avocado&cucumber wrapped in soy paper), the ultimate shrimp (Spicy kani kama crab mix, cucumber&shrimp tempura rolled&topped with seared tuna&avocado) and the Zonie roll (Spicy salmon, cucumber, cilantro& jalapeño rolled &topped with avocado& sriracha)

It was everything I could ever wish for… but really, you could take anything 和 cover it in a thick blanket of wasabi 和 I’m a fan.

我们1之1 3

We called it a fairly early night after watching the Wildcats get defeated, 和 came home to chill. I’m officially hooked on Downton Abbey… just one episode left in season 1! I’m so late to the party, but glad I arrived - I haven’t been this excited about watching something since I first got into Grey’s Anatomy (like 5 years ago?).

While I was at work yesterday, the Pilot 和 Oliv went for a daddy-daughter 萨比诺 Canyon hike:


(我可以’t even handle it.)

I’m hoping to make it back to 萨比诺 sometime today for a run, but we’ll see how it goes. We’re off to a bday party for now! The rest of the day, you can find me outside -




做某事: Check out the 三月锻炼计划 和 schedule your tentative workouts for the week! Also, time some time to plan, prep 和 grocery shop- planning leads to success! It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when you’ve taken a little time to create an action plan.

Here are some of the meals we’ll be enjoying this week:

混蛋鸡酿地瓜 (使用Sasha’s recipe)

黑豆汉堡 和地瓜薯条



鸡Cacciatore 和面食

What’s on the menu this week? Are you trying any new recipes or fitness classes?


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  1. 丽莎 在2013年3月3日,下午2:58

    Ah, so jealous of your perfect margarita weather, we could’ve used some this weekend;)
    I’m not s huge sushi lover, but I do love making my own deconstructed bowls. I guess because I don’t like seafood or rice, but love everything else about sushi.
    Oh, I have to check out that black bean burger recipe, sounds good!

  2. 艾琳@阿克塞尔厨房 于2013年3月3日下午3:00

    yum every bit of that sushi looks ahmazinggg!! 和 the margarita!

  3. 杰基 在2013年3月3日,下午3:36

    There is literally no temperature that doesn’t warrant a margarita (even the 20-something weather we’ve been getting around here). Combine it with sushi, 和 I’d be in heaven too.

    I have been a follower of your blog for awhile now, 和 it is crazy to see how much your daughter has grown. She’s just so cute too.

  4. 朱丽叶 在2013年3月3日,下午4:12


  5. 劳伦·爱丽丝(Lauren Alysse) 在2013年3月3日,下午4:29



  6. 直美 在2013年3月3日,下午4:37

    LOVE that photo of the Pilot 和 Liv! Too cute! And sushi sounds awesome right now -

  7. 妈妈 在2013年3月3日,下午4:53


  8. 莎娜·安德森(Shaina Anderson) 在2013年3月3日,下午4:59

    Okay, that picture of Liv 和 the Pilot cheesin’is amazing! So. Cute. And that spicy lobster roll has me drooling over my salad beast right now. That sounds incredible.

    We’re watching the NINTH season of Grey’s….can you even believe it?!? Fun fact: I got to do some background work on an episode last week. - McDreamy wasn’t working that day —>a very disappointed Shaina.

  9. 布雷 在2013年3月3日,下午5:12

    Love that picture of Liv 和 the Pilot! Also, I am living through you right now as I watch snow fall 和 am pregnant with my second child craving sushi 和 a margarita–sushi countdown 5.5 months; margarita (big girl size) probably a year 和 half (don’t get me wrong, it’s totally worth the sacrifice, but a girl can still have cravings!)… I haven’t watched Downtown Abbey yet, maybe I will give it a try.

  10. 佩奇@您的教练佩奇 在2013年3月3日下午5:14

    Mmmm– I haven’t had sushi in forever! Gotta change that. Super cute pic of the pilot 和 liv -

  11. 阿曼达 在2013年3月3日下午5:15

    爱我一些寿司…and margaritas!

  12. 阿什莉@生活与健身 在2013年3月3日,下午5:17

    I’ve been the loving the sushi lately too. I officially converted the boyfriend into a fellow sushi lover!

  13. 周杰伦 在2013年3月3日,下午5:40


    Thanks for the 三月锻炼计划, just what I needed. I’ll be doing one of the whole body circuits you posted (I’m weird but like to work the whole body when I do weights even though many people break it out into specific body areas or even parts)! Yay.

  14. b 在2013年3月3日,下午5:54

    I miss Wholefoods sushi. Actually, I miss any sushi with the rice on the outside. Here almost all places make it with the seaweed on the outside 和 I swear it tastes very, very different -

  15. 凯瑟琳c。 在2013年3月3日,下午6:13

    This makes me want a marg! Haha! And yes, anytime it’s okay for a margarita!

  16. 卡里萨 在2013年3月3日,下午6:28

    That meal sounds AMAZING! I am a big sushi lover 和 haven’t been for a bit now…. hmmm maybe time to make a date with the fiancé -

  17. 凯蒂 在2013年3月3日,下午6:37



  18. 海蒂 在2013年3月3日,下午6:57

    So jealous of your margarita weather! Glad you enjoyed! -

  19. 米娅 在2013年3月3日,下午6:57

    I hope we are blessed enough to have such a cutie as Liv one day. - (Fertility problems = no bueno).

    Seriously, that sushi looks INCREDIBLE!! I love anything with spicy tuna (covered in more wasabi, obviously). Recently I tried salmon roe 和 it is now on my favorites list too.

    Your spring roll recipe is very yummy! I like mine with extra avocado added in. Food on our end this week include: veggie stir fry + protein, lots of roasted veg in general, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade pizza, flounder, salmon burgers, amazeballs (coconut/chocolate flavor), HB eggs, 和 copious amounts of strawberries since they were on sale.

    I took spin this morning for the first time in 1.5 years. I know my booty is going to hate me tomorrow. Other than that, it’s the usual heavy lifting + HIIT+ a day of steady state cardio for me. -

  20. 凯莉·库奇纳(Kelly Kurcina) 在2013年3月3日,晚上7:11

    I made those black bean burgers for the family last week~the boys LOVED them! Yum, I love sushi so much, but since giving up sugar I choose not to eat it. I think they need to start using stevia to make sushi!!

  21. 萨拉夫 在2013年3月3日,晚上7:25

    That sushi sounds amazing! I had sushi yesterday too! I actual live in Japan, so it’s a bi weekend thing here. Although the sushi chef at our local place is quite the traditionalist, 和 was horrified that we drink soda water with sushi, he’s probably disapprove of margaritas too! Go him, it’s beer, sake or shochu, or green tea!

  22. 兽医病 在2013年3月3日,晚上7:51

    那位飞行员和丽芙的照片真可爱! --

    I am trying a bunch of new recipes this week including fig 和 brie sandwiches 和 black bean tacos -

  23. 水晶 在2013年3月3日,晚上8:52


    I am currently on Week 4 of the WSU 和 feel amazing! One question, what is the Cardio Drill workout?


  24. 布赖恩娜 在2013年3月3日,晚上9:22

    吉娜, sorry if I missed it, but could you post the link for the jerk chicken-stuffed sweet potatoes? Your link in this post took me back to the first time you had them, but I didn’t see the recipe in that post…They just look really yummy, 和 I’ve been wanting to give that recipe a whirl! Thanks:)

  25. 雷切尔 在2013年3月3日,晚上9:27

    那张照片…I die…twinsies! 🙂

  26. 琥珀@忙碌,大胆,有福 在2013年3月3日,晚上9:34

    We went out for sushi on Friday night 和 we ordered 8 rolls (for 4 people) 和 it came out on a giant wooden boat! It was AWESOME! I also tried seaweed salad for the first time 和 loved it.

  27. 雅克琳 在2013年3月3日,晚上9:57


  28. 山姆@更好地洒 在2013年3月3日,晚上10:09


    Her smile is just too precious. She looks so excited!

  29. 克里斯汀 于2013年3月4日上午7:56

    Would you be able to post the recipe for the jerk chicken stuffed sweet potatoes? The link just takes it back to the picture but no recipe. It looks really good.

  30. 佩奇@健康的故事 于2013年3月4日上午7:59

    I wish we had margarita weather over here in the UK. At least we have an excuse to have a hot chocolate if we want to -

  31. 艾米莉 于2013年3月4日上午9:59

    You are right, any weather is the perfect margarita weather! lol I went on a Sushi date on Friday. It was sooo good…it’s been way to long since we had good sushi!


  32. 凯茜 于2013年3月4日下午3:16

    Mmmmmmm love Ra! Have you tried thier blushing geisha? Tastes like pink lemonade. Which is both a good 和 a bad thing -

    • 健身与饮食 于2013年3月4日下午3:28


  33. 莎拉·安妮(Sarah Anne) 于2013年3月5日上午12:51

    Living up here in Vancouver, we get AMAZING sushi! I go in kicks where it’s all I want for days 和 days 和 days. Especially in the summer here. I eat mostly plants with a bit of fish, but sushi is where I go crazy. Wild sockeye salmon, tuna, do you not eat it!?

  34. 艾米丽@艾米丽摇滚之路 于2013年3月5日上午9:53

    Your margarita weather standards sound a lot like my wine standards. -

    I’m always late to the TV hits party. I did just finish“Downton Abbey”, 和 hubby 和 I just found that“Mad Men”is on I stand Netflix. Normally I like to wait until the series is over before I indulge 和 get all obsessed, but the Banana Republic Mad Men campaign has piqued my interest. -


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